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WiFi areas- wireless internet access and other access points

In Madrid Barajas Airport you can connect to the Internet with your laptop, mobile phone or any other device with WIFI technology through Eurona Telecom company.

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The airport offers users a free internet access via WiFi for unlimited time, basic navigation to limit download speed and supported by advertising.

The wifi access points are located at:

Terminals : throughout the whole terminal.
Terminals : boarding areas,VIP lounges and in the restaurant areas of the terminals.

How does it work?

Connect your device to the wireless network SSID:
Open the web browser and either request a page, will display a welcome screen from WiFI services.

It is on these public connections that it is highly recommended to use a VPN. If you are concerned about your privacy on the Internet, either because you connect to your online banking, or send emails with sensitive data, or simply wish to keep your browsing history private, a VPN will allow you to keep your browsing hidden and encrypt your passwords and private data from malicious observers, get absolute privacy on all devices. CyberGhost VPN also works by overriding the geographic blocks of some streaming platforms.

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Internet WiFi and public computers are also avaliable in VIP lounges, depending on their access conditions and usage.

Public computers with internet access

Madrid-Barajas airport also has computers avaliable to the public with internet access. There are many access points distributed as follows.

Some posts have internet access, with printer and free chargers for mobile phones and electronic equipment. Some are designed as vertical kiosks or as working spaces with table and stools.

There are computers in terminals T1, T2 y T3. No internet access stations in terminal T4 or T4S.

For additional information or incidents with this service , please contact:

Customer service: 900 928 053