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Madrid Airport consists of four terminals, one satellite building and two docks, as well as another Executive terminal, and another terminal which is used for cargo handling only.

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 dispose of six boarding areas: A, B, C, D, E and F, connected to the terminals. Terminal T4 consist of two buildings, T4 and T4S, connected through an automatic underground train.

Check-in and boarding: cautions

Health alert

Due to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 and the declaration of the state of emergency in Spain, travel is prohibited except for reasons that cannot be postponed and these must be justifiable. If you have to fly, check with your airline for the latest information on the status of your flight.

Due to the drop in demand for air services and to limit the exposure of passengers, it is sufficient to go to the airport 90 minutes in advance, don't stay at the airport if you are not travelling. If in doubt, follow the instructions of your travel agent or airline.

Avoid large groups of people and try to keep a distance of at least 1 metre from others: at check-in lines, cash machines, vending machines, baggage collection rooms, etc.

You should always observe the monitors or information panels with regard to the check-in counters and the boarding gate corresponding to your flight, as there may exceptionally occur last-minute changes.

In the Departure Hall you will find information panels indicating the state of the scheduled flights. They indicate the flight number and the airline, check-in counters to check-in your luggage and to obtain your boarding pass, the terminal and the boarding gate if it is already assigned. If not, the corresponding boarding gate will be announced when the time of the flight departure is approaching. The boarding gate may also be indicated in you boarding pass, but you still must pay attention on possible changes, that might be announced through the loudspeakers or the information panels. Please, feel free to consult the staff at the information or check-in counters, in case of any doubts.

Please make sure that you carry all of your belongings with you before leave the check-in counter: personal documents, boarding pass and ID or passport.

Once you passed the security control for necessary documents and prohibited objects in hand luggage-, please head to the corresponding boarding gate.

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Terminal T4

DEPARTURE Halls T4 - P2 (2ª floor)

Self-check-in machine

If your boarding gate is H, J or K, please go to the 1st floor.

If your boarding area is M or S, the boarding gates are located on floor -2, from where you take the Automatic Underground Train (APM) which will bring you to terminal T4S. The APM is a train that operates without a conductor and connects T4 with T4S; the stretch takes somewhat more than 3 minutes.
The formely R, S and U gates are now S gates, numbered from S1 to S50.

The Iberia Air-Shuttle service Madrid-Barcelona (Puente aéreo) is situated in an exclusive area at the second floor of terminal T4, in the far back, to your left.


Counters 720-729*

Generally operating airline companies: Temporarily out of order

Counters 730-739*

Generally operating airline companies: Emirates, Luxair, Royal Jordanian, and Ukraine International.

Counters 750-759*

Generally operating airline companies: Bulgaria Air, CSA Czech Airlines and Vueling.

Counters 760-765*

Generally operating airline companies: Siberia Airlines (S7).

Counters 780-789 y 790-799*

Generally operating airline companies: Iberia business class.

Counters 810-819 820-829, 840-849, 850-859, 870-879, 880-889 and 900-909*

The following airlines operate temporarily in Terminal T4: Aeroflot will check in at counters 870-873, Aeromexico, at counters 880-886, Air China at counters 852-859, Air Europa at counters 878-879, Air France and KLM at counters 875-877, British Airways at counter 790, Iberia e Iberia Express at counters 810-819, Lufthansa and Swiss at counters 900-904, Qatar Airways at counters 852-859.

Generally operating airline companies: Air Nostrum, Iberia and Iberia Express. Business class passengers are boarding at gates 790-799.

Counters 880-889*

Generally operating airline companies: Evelop, Finnair and Transportes Aéreos Cabo Verde.

Counters 900-909*

Generally operating airline companies: British Airways, BA Cityflyer and Tarom.

Counters 910-919*

Generally operating airline companies: Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc and Uzbekistan Airways.

Counters 930-939*

Generally operating airline companies: American Airlines.

Counters 940-949*

Generally operating airline companies: TAM .

Counters 960-969*

Generally operating airline companies: Avianca and Ceiba.

Counters 970-979*

Generally operating airline companies: Air Algerie, Ceiba, El Al Israel Airlines and Transaero Airlines.

Counters Puente Aéreo 990-993*

Generally operating airline companies: IBERIA. Please consult the flights of the Iberia Air-Shuttle service Madrid-Barcelona (Puente aéreo).

* Consult the lastest check-in counter information when arriving at the airport.

During the winter season, some airline companies stop operating temporarily, returning to offer their services at the beginning of the summer campaign.

Terminal T1

DEPARTURE Hall T1- P1 (1st floor)

Counters 100

Generally operating airline companies: Aerolíneas Argentinas, Air China, Boliviana de Aviación, Delta Airlines, Orbest, Pegasus, Pullmantur, Saudia, TAM and United Airlines.

Counters 200

Generally operating airline companies: Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Europa (Non-Schengen destinations and third countries), Conviasa, Cubana, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Libyan Airlines, Tunisair, and US Airways.

Counters 300

Generally operating airline companies: Aerlingus, Air Moldova, Austrian Airlines, Blue Air, Easy Jet, Egyptair, Norwegian, Ryanair, Sata International, Thai, Transavia, Turkish and Wizz Air.

During the winter months some airline companies stop operating temporarily, returning to offer their services at the beginning of the summer campaign.

Terminal T2

DEPARTURE HAll T2 - P2 (2nd floor)

Counters 400

Generally operating airline companies: Aegean, Air France, Brussels Airlines, Germanwings, KLM, LOT, Lufthansa y Swiss.

Counters 500

Generally operating airline companies: Air Europa (destinos nacionales y Schengen), Air Portugal TAP, Alitalia y SAS.

During the winter months, some airline companies stop operating temporarily, returning to offer their services at the beginning of the summer campaign.

Terminal T3

DEPARTURE Hall T3 - P0 (Floor 0)

Check-in counters 610-617 and boarding gates of area F are located on floor 0 of terminal T3. Counters 600-603 and boarding gates of area E are situated on 1st floor.

Currently, check-in counters at T3 are closed.

Please consult with your airline company, at what time you should be at the airport..

Counters 400

Generally operating airline companies: Adria, Aegean, Air France, Alitalia, KLM, LOT, Lufthansa, Privilege Style and Swiss.

Counters 500

CGenerally operating airline companies: Air Berlin, Air Europa (domestic and Schengen destinations) Air Portugal TAP, Brussels Airlines, SAS, SAS Norway.

* T3 P0 Counters from 610 to 617
* T3 P1 Counters from 600 to 604

During the winter months, some airline companies stop operating temporarily, returning to offer their services at the beginning of the summer campaign.

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