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Boliviana de Aviación


Aeropuerto Madrid Barajas, 28042, Madrid Telephone 914 692 820

At the airport

Check-in counters in the terminal:

Departures of Boliviana de Aviación: Terminal T4 floor P2. check-in counters 970-974.
Check-in counters may vary according to the airline's needs. Check flight departures on the flight information panel at the airport.

Flight arrivals of Boliviana de Aviación:    Terminal T4 floor P0.

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Lost Luggage

Baggage handler of Boliviana de Aviación: Iberia, at terminal T4 P0, baggage reclaim hall 11. 901 111 342.


Boliviana de Aviación has the OACI code: BOV and the IATA code: OB.

Boliviana de Aviación destinations

Boliviana de Aviación flies direct from Madird to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Note: Airlines can add or delete routes based on demand and/or season of year.

The range of destinations usually offered by Boliviana de Aviación may vary due to low demand for flights, until the return to normal after the impact of the health crisis.


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